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"Astute managers know that smooth-running teams are at the heart of a successful business. But they don't just happen, they need building."

** e-treasure Hunts **

The e-treasure hunt is the future of team building in Belfast. It offers all of the benefits of the classic paper-based Belfast Treasure hunt but is delivered via smartphone or tablet (your choice). Clues can be manually accessed or opened automatically via GPS and marking is automatic.

To win a classic or e-treasure hunt requires creative thinking and cooperation. These are precisely the skills you need for a top-notch workplace team. For full information on this fantastic and cost-effective team building activity, please visit our dedicated website -

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How You Will Benefit

Fully customised. We don't customise to a standard formula, we customise the whole treasure hunt to your industry ad business. Your benefit? It is more relevant and a more engaging team building event.

Flexible. If you are running a conference or multi-activity event, your treasure hunt can be slotted in when you need it. The benefit to you is that if things are running late, it simply won't matter.

No set route. Other providers have a set route. We don't. Teams will meet during the event so it is still fun and sociable making it memorable for the right reasons.

Options. You can have a version managed by an experienced events manager, DIY version, on-paper version, smartphone or tablet PC version to suit your company ethos.

Designed to use workplace skills. All teams will need to use a range of skills - negotiation, planning, initiative, lateral thinking and of course communication. Your treasure hunt can be a corporate event or team building.

Shopping list and word game. Everyone is involved right from the start and there is always something to do. The benefit to you is that individuals will not get bored waiting for their 'turn'.

More clues than can be answered in the time available. Teams need to decide which areas they can visit adding variety and interest to the event.

We just do treasure hunts. Experience counts and ensures you receive a top quality event. We are contracted by other corporate entertainment and team building companies to write and deliver their treasure hunts.

Why the treasure hunt works for team building

The Belfast treasure hunt works because it is team building by stealth.

Staff are notorious for detesting team building away days. They expect either touchy-feely activities or barrel and plank exercises in the rain!

Team building only works when staff are relaxed and receptive. Which is exactly the atmosphere created by the Belfast treasure hunt. Away from the office and with an engaging activity - perfect!

The treasure hunt is team building brought into the 21st century.

You can sit back knowing the company's team building budget has been well spent

The treasure hunt is:


Transferable skills developed:


How your treasure hunt works:

Each team is given a treasure hunt booklet containing traditional treasure hunting tasks. You must also navigate your team around the city on their urban challenge or through the countryside using a map. In the case of a city, obtaining a map is part of the event! For extra points teams take photographs of specific subjects and local landmarks with a digital camera.

Heavy penalties are handed out for late arrival back at base and for the team splitting up so the winning team will have shown flexibility as well as good planning in order to meet the deadlines.

If you have opted for a smartphone or tablet PC treasure hunt, you will be given a web address to visit where you will find instructions and clues.

There are more clues than they could possibly answer and no fixed route - that is where the planning comes in. Teams must select the challenges and the most efficient route to gain optimum points.

The shopping list challenges your team's problem solving and negotiating skills.

The word game ensures there can be no dead time keeping everyone involved and engaged.

The marking session is great fun with teams marking their own results under the watchful eye of another team member, but don't forget the organisers decision is final (unless swayed by a bottle of red wine!!!!!!!!!!!)....these sessions are always good entertainment with plenty of banter, and tension as teams watch their results unfold.


About Belfast

Many of Belfast's landmark buildings date from the 19th century, for example, Bittles bar and its polychrome brickwork, the Crown Liquor Saloon with its engraved glass, cosy booths and italian tilework which led the poet John Betjeman to describe it as a 'many coloured cavern. Also along the 'Golden Mile, you can fand other splendid Edwardian and Victorian edifices such as the Grand Opera House.

On your treasure hunt around the streets of Belfast, you will discover many of these buildings. Perhaps you will find out the nickname of the Albert Clock, built in Victorian times, and why that nickname no longer applies. The amount of public art in Belfast has incresed in recent years, for example, RISE. This is a landmark artwork located at Broadway Roundabout. It is the biggest public art sculpture in Belfast. It comprises two globes, cast in white steel, symbolising the rising of the sun and new hope for Belfast's future. But there are many others that have been around for much longer and you will visit several of these on your treasure hunt.

Belfast is thought to have grown from a 12th century castle but was always in the shadow of Carrickfergus Castle. Belfast as a town began to flourish only after the 16th century, in the 17th century it was expanded by the influx of the Hugenots, escaping religious persecution in France, in the 18th century it bcame a centry for the Northern Irish linen trade. Cotton took over as Belfast's predominant industry in the 19th century. The Linen Hall library reflects this and this former Linen Hall is now a library.

But why read any more, get yourselves out and explore the streets of Belfast. Keep your eyes open and brain ticking over if you want to win the treasure!